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PHD Engineering, LLC started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2010 with the idea that traditional engineering firms were antiquated and slow to adopt change. A small group of engineering friends came together and launched the LLC. Initial projects thrust PHD Engineering into the fast-paced environment of a startup biotech R&D project with Sample6 out of Boston and also the advanced nuclear reactor market with Mitsubishi. As the years passed, PHD Engineering has teamed up with large corporations like SAIC and other prime contractors on nuclear energy cyber security issues at the grass roots level. We have experience with nearly all of the major U.S. nuclear energy providers and on projects with the DOE and NRC. Furthermore, PHD Engineering has experience working with several national labs through internship opportunities. This has grown our network across industry and government. Lately, PHD Engineering has been growing in the area of advanced oil and gas operations with expertise in large scale fluid flows and analysis. Our goal is to make all forms of industry to be safer and more efficient and to have fun doing it. We've kept our approach simple and bare boned for a reason, we want it to feel like we work directly with our clients to solve problems as simply and efficiently as possible . . . no BS.

People make the difference.

We are always on the search for the best and the brightest to join our team.

We pride ourselves on having the best people because people make all the difference.


Nuclear Energy - Legacy to Advanced
Petrochemical & Mining
Oil & Gas

Our Leadership

Wesley C. Williams, PhD, PE
President & CEO
Ronald Smith, PE
Managing Director & CFO
Charles Taylor, PhD
Senior Associate Member